The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet helped me stay sober

I started following the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet over two years ago. When I first got sober, all I really knew about the process was that I should stop drinking! But the Malibu Beach Recovery diet and yoga philosophy made my journey healthy and actually pretty enjoyable.

The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook contains many recipes with ingredients that reactivate healthy dopamine production in the brain. Very necessary when our brains have been saturated with alcohol or drugs. Not to mention the food is extremely tasty. 

When I checked into the Malibu Beach Recovery Center as a client, I had daily meals cooked by Chef Yannick, Chef Licia, Chef Johnnie and Chef Sergio, who all contributed recipes to the cookbook. Each chef prepared dishes to enhance healthy feelings of well-being, in contrast with the rather sluggish, or anxiety-spiking feelings we often experience from eating junk food or processed foods.

Since leaving rehab, I have found the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook to be a key to my healthy recovery. 

Let's start with chocolate. We all love chocolate and boy is it addictive! Most chocolate contains lots of sugar. But the cookbook desert recipes suggest using dark chocolate that is at least 72% cacao. It is proven that dark chocolate is one of the planet’s best antioxidants. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it improves overall health and lowers the risk of heart disease. It also doesn’t give you the anxiety-spiking cycle of a sugar high and crash that regular chocolate does.

There's nothing better than whipping up a little of Chef Licia's chocolate mousse, or Chef Johnnie’s dark chocolate chip cookies, for a healthy burst of energy. Quite honestly our blood sugar levels are off the chart from our addictive patterns, therefore the desserts in the MBRC cookbook are the perfect treat to sooth our cravings.

I respect Joan Borsten, the original owner of MBRC, who with Dr. Kenneth Blum came up with the idea of combining low-glycemic recipes with dopamine boosting ingredients.  Dr. Blum co-discovered the link between genetics and addiction and has done decades of important research into the relation between the brain and addiction. Joan and Chef Licia, together with Chef Yannick, Chef Johnnie and Chef Sergio then created a neuro-scientific cookbook that can help all of us who struggle with addiction and need a healthy recovery to significantly heal through diet. 

I’m still sober today, and I credit the diet as being a part of that.

Dorothea Shackleton