Flourless Chocolate Bars

Flourless Chocolate Bars - Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook
Decadent, balanced and satisfying.
— Chef Yannick Marchand

Serves 4


  • 1 cup agave
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 12 oz. 70% chocolate
  • 6 whole eggs
  • 1/2 lb. butter
  • Baking dish



Pre-heat oven to 400°F..

Can use 9”x13” glass baking dish, or 9″ spring form pan. If using a spring form pan, assemble and then wrap bottom and sides with aluminum foil, so that water will not leak from bain marie. Set aside.

Cut up chocolate into small pieces, set aside. Cut cold butter into cubes. Keep cubes cool and set aside.

Dissolve agave with water on high heat. When dissolved, remove from heat and add chocolate pieces, stir until melted. When mixture has smooth texture but is still warm add cubed butter. If the mixture is too cold to incorporate butter, put mixture back onto low heat until butter fully incorporates. Add one egg at a time, mix gently, until smooth.

Pour mixture into baking dish or pan, and place entire dish into larger half-sheet pan, and place in oven. Surround baking dish with water by pouring water into half-sheet pan until water is approximately 2/3 up sides of dish.

Bake at 400°F. for 35 to 40 minutes – it should be solid, but still moist. Test with toothpick, remove and cool on rack.

When cool, slice and remove with spatula or, if used spring form pan unlock spring and remove from bottom.