This cookbook is for you if you are…

  • Working to get and stay clean and sober

  • Unclear about what to eat during treatment and recovery

  • Eager to help a loved one

  • Motivated to help prevent relapse

  • Interested in learning about recovery-supportive foods

  • Wanting to calm your mind and get your health back on track

Also helpful if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, diabetes or eating disorders.

What I find is that the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet helps people start to heal their bodies. They start to gain a sense of self-efficacy around self-care. And they start to feel better. The number one transfer addiction is sugar and that complicates issues of the brain healing, depression and mood. I see people get really well and they don’t gain 30 pounds during their first month of sobriety.
— Dr. Laura LaPiana, Psy.D, Clinical Therapist
I worked as a clinical family therapist at Malibu Beach Recovery Center when it was owned by Joan Borsten. Throughout that time, I had the true privilege of bearing witness to the recovery process for countless courageous souls. These recipes could be so helpful with regard to emotional regulation in spite of the always difficult and tumultuous process of detox and treatment. They offer a supportive foundation for anyone negotiating big life changes or challenges. And, they taste wonderful as well!
— Allen D. Glass II, MA, LMFT, Professor of Addiction Studies at Pierce College