What is The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook and how can it help?

Did you know that what you eat may create a stumbling block to getting clean and sober?

Science shows that sugar, caffeine and white flour trigger drug and alcohol cravings — because they affect the same parts of the brain that drugs and alcohol do. New research also shows that people who suffer from addiction usually produce less dopamine — the feel-good chemical — in their brains than non-addicts do.

The Malibu Beach Recovery Diet cuts the triggers out of what you eat and naturally boosts dopamine production in your brain.

The diet was created by Joan Borsten and a team of chefs at the Malibu Beach Recovery Center (MBRC), a world-class treatment facility, to make it easier to get clean and sober. Inspired by the research of neuroscientist Dr. Kenneth Blum, the diet helps you avoid foods that trigger cravings and ups your intake of foods that naturally increase your dopamine production.

This helps you achieve a more sustained sense of well-being, rather than a temporary high.

The diet is designed to be combined with other approaches to recovery, such as 12-step programs, and inpatient or outpatient treatment. The diet alone can’t keep you sober, but it can make it easier to stay on your journey of recovery.